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At Kirkwood Children’s House, we believe the greatest gift you can give your child is an education that fosters self-confidence, responsibility and a life-long love of learning.

We are a small, friendly community of Montessori teachers and multi-ethnic families who share a genuine concern and enthusiasm for children. Our warm and friendly staff and unique home-like setting create a perfect environment for your child to develop into an intelligent, confident and independent person.

Our mixed-age classroom community is similar to a family setting with siblings. Young children learn from the older ones while older children gain patience and pride from helping a younger child. This creates an environment where children feel accepted and encouraged by one another.

The lead teachers at Kirkwood Children’s House are certified Montessori educators with college degrees and many years experience working with young children. Support staff, from assistant teachers to office personnel, are trained in the philosophy and common goals of the school. Just as the Montessori philosophy is based on respect, so is the basis for our relationships with one another, the children and the parents.

Parents play a critical role at Kirkwood Children’s House. We maintain a consistent connection between home and school by building a trusting, respectful relationship with parents through newsletters, parent meetings and regularly-scheduled conferences. Teachers are always available to parents and welcome their observations. Meanwhile, parents get to know each other through our family school picnic, field trips, parent group activities and daily interaction. When we all work together, each child flourishes.

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