Kirkwood Children’s House is a small, nurturing Montessori school that offers a half-day Montessori program as well as a full-day program where children experience the Montessori philosophy from the moment they walk in the door until they say goodbye.

Toddler Program (18 months to 36 months)
The Toddler Program is in a separate building designed to meet the special needs of our youngest children. The child-centered Toddler House features large windows, heated floors, natural wood furniture and low shelves. This safe, prepared environment encourages even the youngest child’s natural instinct to learn and explore. The two specially trained teachers continually nurture, respect, challenge and inspire the eight toddlers to perfect new motor development, language and practical life skills.

Primary Program (2 1/2 years to 6 years)
Our Primary Program is focused on the total development of each child – cognitive, social, emotional and physical. The program is designed to encourage thinking and to develop an appreciation of the world. Our spacious classrooms are filled with natural light and offer both large, open areas and small, quiet nooks. In this setting, children are free to work through the Montessori developmental areas of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, sciences and the arts. Our five experienced teachers model the social skills of respect and caring, and forty-five children experience the joy of being an individual in this enthusiastic group of mixed ages.

Kindergarten Program (5 years to 6 years)
Kindergarten is a full-day program in which children participate in our traditional Montessori preschool in the morning and then join a small, special group in the afternoon. Although the focus is still on individual work, teachers incorporate math, language arts, cultural awareness and science activities into small group presentations. The children experience the honor of being among the oldest in our program, and they graduate from our school with very strong self-esteem.

Summer Session (18 months to 6 years)
Our Summer Session is a theme-based, creative and educational program filled with summer fun activities – arts, crafts, gardening, sprinkler play, drama, animal care, field trips, picnics and more. Because the teaching staff and children remain the same, the summer program supports the school-year program. This enriching Montessori program begins in early June and goes through July.

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